About Us

Situated in the foothills of mighty and splendid Dhauladhar mountains , Govt College of Teacher Education Dharamshala is a premier institute of education Which was established in September 1956 by Govt.of H.P to meet the growing demand of trained teachers. On 24 Feb.1993,Ministry of human Resource Development , Govt. of India, New Delhi, upgraded this Government College of Education to Govt. College of Teacher Education. This College has now blossomed into a centre of excellence in the Teacher Traning Programme and has been catering to the educational needs of pre-service and in-service teachers. Various personal contact programmes of H.P.University under the  aegis of ICDEOL for B.Ed  and M.Ed course are conducted in the Institution.Various extension services such as refresher courses, Seminar, Workshops are also organised in the institution.


Govt. College of Teacher Education, Dharamshala is guided by the vision “Inclusive and Quality Teacher Education for Excellence”



Since the very inception of the college in the year 1956, the insignia of the college reveals the mission of the college, that is, विद्याअमृतमश्नुते, which means “through Gyan and Yog, we will attain immortality” These words from Isavasyopanishad (XI) sets our mission to higher platform of knowledge and its applications to the benefit of humanity as follows:

  • Enabling Learning Environment: To create a teaching learning environment conducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience. 
  • Quality Education: Achieving knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through teaching learning process to prepare professionals for transforming lives. 
  • Holistic Development: Developing the personalities of existing and future teachers through physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development for laying the foundation for life time learning and character building.