Infrastructure facilities

Submitted by principal on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 14:29


The College of Teacher Education has a well established library satisfying the academic needs of educational training. Library has a rich collection of books, encyclopedias of different subjects, references as well as rare books, magazines & educational Journals at present.

 The library is in the process of modernization using information technology & very soon it is to be undergone major structural changes in terms of their collection, organization and services. Moreover, SOUL 2.0 software has been installed & it is under process to automate the library to facilitate the students as well as faculty members of the college.

No. of books in the Library: 17175.

Journals subscribed in the library:


1. Edutrack
2. University News
3. Yojna
4. National Geographic
5. Indian Philosophical
6. Asian review of Social Sc.
7. Himalayan Journal of Canteens progeny  Research
8. All Indians Association for Education Research


Journals subscribed in the last quarter:

1. Edutrack
2. University news
3. Yojna
4. National Geographic
5. Asian Review of Social Sc.

Information and Technology Lab

ICT Lab was established in 2005. There are 25 working computers and 6 working projectors available with it. It provides photocopy facilities, printing, scanning, e-mail, fax, photography, Internet services, Wi-Fi connectivity and audio-visual services to the college. It also provides all these services in all school and college level training programmes. There is a college website “”. It provides basic information about college and various clubs in the college. It provides latest updates about college activities, training programmes, college annual calendar, etc.

For next academic session, we are planning to establish one more ICT Lab with 50 computers and other latest facilities. We are also planning to upgrade Wi-Fi services in the college.